Pain-Free Bookkeeping in
Four Simple Steps

We've spent years developing our pain-free method of bookkeeping for Serviced Accommodation – so why keep suffering, when we can take care of it for you?

Step 1: Income

Income is automatically reconciled by Invoice Autopilot in real time

Step 2: Expenses

Just submit your invoices and receipts to Receipt Bank, and we'll do the rest

Step 3: Recurring Bills

We'll setup rules in Xero for your regular bills – just tell us once, and its done forever

Step 4: Reporting

We'll send you detailed monthly reports for all of your properties or clients

Ready To Take the Pain Away?

Focus on Running Your Business

Bookkeeping can be a major distraction from running your business.  Dealing with queries, sorting out receipts, head-scratching over transactions – it's all less time you can spend on your highest value tasks.

How much more could you achieve if "bookkeeping" simply meant checking over your performance reports each month?

Make Better Business Decisions

Your business decisions are only as good as the data you base them on. By keeping accurate, up to date financial records in Xero, you'll get better visibility of your serviced accommodation business than you've ever had before.

Would accurate and detailed monthly reporting help you or your clients make better decisions in your businesses?

Leverage SA Bookkeeping Experts

If you're already using a bookkeeper, the chances are they work for lots of different types of businesses, all with individual bookkeeping requirements.  Do they really understand your business well enough to account for every single transaction in the ideal way?

Not only do our degree-qualified bookkeepers work exclusively with Serviced Accommodation, but their work is overseen and signed off by a qualified chartered accountant. 

"One of my biggest pain points every month was the bookkeeping and reports for our clients and investors. Since using The SA Accelerator Bookkeeping Service I hardly have to think about it, and can devote my time, energy and mind space to much higher value tasks!"

– Alan Grosvenor, Platinum Pillows Management Services

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