Create your Strategic Plan

Course Description

Research shows that businesses who start with a business plan are much more likely to grow quickly and attract investment. But putting together a business plan is a long winded task only for people with an MSC… right?

Our "Strategic Plan" format has been refined over several years and is a quick and effective way of getting all of the benefits of a business plan, without any of the headaches! And what's more, it's specific to Serviced Accommodation.

You'll start by identifying your motivations for creating your SA business, and define your goals and objectives.

Then you'll explore the niche models of serviced accommodation available to you, and identify the most promising models for testing.

Finally you'll build a "blueprint" for how your business looks in the future, and examine your corporate and tax structures to minimise your tax bill, and ensure you are protected from the trading risk of the business.

Your strategic plan will form the basis of your day-to-day activities in your business, and will provide a reference point for your progress. This will allow you to immediately see whether you are on course to achieve your goals, and if not what you need to change to get back on track. You'll also find that having a clear vision for your business will improve communication with your business partners, staff, clients, agents, and investors…